Spring Terrarium – Praying Mantises

My kids wanted to collect snails this week to observe in our terrarium. The stick they chose to put in for leaves just so happened to have a mantis egg sac attached!

It took less than a week for the babies to make their appearance, and we happened to be checking on the snails when we saw one or two babies walking around. We were so lucky to have the opportunity to sit and watch many more come out.

It was fascinating to watch the babies wriggle their way out of the slits in the egg case, and then hang for a bit before slowly extending out their limbs. This process seems similar to how butterflies emerge from their crysalis and slowly extend and beat their crumpled and wet wings to get blood flowing so they can fly.

Want to learn more about praying mantises? Here are some great links to check out!

National Geographic – Praying Mantis

Wikipedia – Mantis

Keeping Insects – Mantises

Texas A & M Field Guide – Praying Mantis

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