Reading With Your Ears – March 2020

On any given day, our family has several audio books going. Our Audible membership has definitely been a great investment for our family.

Here is what our family is listening to this month.

This is my oldest’s current read. She also has the book, but wanted to be able to listen as well.

I have this book on my Kindle, but to be honest, I tend to put off reading books on Kindle (probably because my Fire wanders off to one of the kids’ rooms…). I love the story but wasn’t making enough progress, so I bought the audiobook as a Whispersync – if you buy a kindle book the audio book can be purchased for cheap. Now I’m enjoying the book again!

This is the second novel I’m listening to – I alternate between my two fiction selections. This is a wonderful book and I love the narrator. As an aside, there are books on Audible that have different versions with different narrators. One of the review areas (Performance) gives feedback on the narrator and of course you can listen to a sample. Sometimes the narrator makes the book!

Somehow I’ve managed to survive this long without reading Harry Potter series. In my defense, I have seen the first movie! This is our new car listen – when I am in the car with the kids we listen. They love it! Don’t tell them I listened ahead several chapters though!

This is my first Ravi Zaccharias book. Each chapter is under 10 minutes and yet gives the listener much to ponder. I’ve gotten a lot out of this book and am finishing soon. I look forward to my next Zaccharias title.

This is an Audible Original from Michael Pollan (author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma), and goes through the impact of caffeine on humanity. It’s a short but fascinating listen.

Another Audible Original, this has been a fun listen. An AI has fled her creator and is explaining her life story to an investigator. My son listened enthralled and now my older daughter has started listening to it.

I am so glad Audible has teamed up with the Great Courses Company and is offering their audio courses (and these usually include a downloadable course notes PDF!). Each lecture runs approximately 30 minutes.

My daughter LOVES Ramona – if this was a tape or CD it would be worn out from listening so often. She queues up Ramona each night to listen to when going to bed. And Stockard Channing as the narrator is SUPERB!

My husband is currently going through the Aubrey Maturin series by Patrick O’Brien (this series includes Master and Commander, which was adapted into the Russell Crowe movie).

New to audiobooks? Audible has several membership options, great sales, and apps for listening across platforms. And there is so much content available – fiction, nonfiction, Great Courses, Audible Originals, children’s books – it’s impossible to NOT find something you want to listen to.

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