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Review: Rain Reign

We get a lot of mileage out of our Audible membership. The kids listen to books daily, my husband has his favorites, and I’ve got my audible TBR stack that’s only a little more under control than my printed book pile. I love all… Continue Reading “Review: Rain Reign”

It’s a New Year! Curriculum for 2018/2019

It’s that time of year! Even though we school over the summer, we do start our new year in September. I’ve got four school years I am planning for this year – Year 6, Year 2 and Kindergarten  and Pre-K (Pre-K is mostly follow-along… Continue Reading “It’s a New Year! Curriculum for 2018/2019”

Review: John Ronald’s Dragons

Earlier this year we were delighted to read a gentle introduction to the early life of J.R.R. Tolkien. Written by Caroline McAlister and illustrated by Eliza Wheeler, John Ronald’s Dragons: The Story of J.R.R. Tolkien introduces the reader to a boy who loved dragons,… Continue Reading “Review: John Ronald’s Dragons”

In Common – July 11th Edition

In Common is my weekly Commonplace roundup – notable quotes from the previous week, and current reading list. I’ve got several titles I’m trying to finish up this month. I’ve been working on my school plans for the Fall, so my personal reading has… Continue Reading “In Common – July 11th Edition”

Mondays With Frost: A Girl’s Garden

Today I wanted to share one of Frost’s poems from his 1916 Mountain Interval. A Girl’s Garden A neighbor of mine in the village       Likes to tell how one spring When she was a girl on the farm, she did       A childlike… Continue Reading “Mondays With Frost: A Girl’s Garden”