Kindle Books April 2023

Children’s Books

We love Nancy Elizabeth Wallace books around here – they are fun to read, with lovely illustrations and often include a simple activity or craft. Several Wallace titles are available as Kindle books, and most are also included with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

This month we are reading:

Each of these titles $3.99 for Kindle, and are free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

As I put together our curriculum for the fall, I am looking for books I can read aloud and project to my television for my three younger children to view together. Help Your Kids With … titles by DK are great. Awesome visuals, great explanations. I have already purchased Help Your Kids With Geography and will be using this as our main text this fall. I will be using the Help Your Kids with Science in our Physical Science lessons this year, and with later lessons in the coming years. And my younger son has become quite interested in coding, spending a lot of time with Scratch. We are also hoping he picks up Python, and Help Your Kids with Computer Coding covers both, and more.

Each DK Help Your Kids With … title is $8.99 for Kindle edition. Normally I’d prefer a print version for reference books in our home library but I decided the ability to cast to the big screen during lessons made these worth the investment.

Adult Titles

Kindle has just started a Kindle Spring Challenge that runs from April 1st through June 30th. In the Kindle App, under Achievements (found by clicking More) you can activate the challenge and track your achievements. I’ve got quite a backlog of books in my Kindle library so I am taking this challenge to try to get through several titles I’ve been meaning to read.

I’ve got two new books added to my library for this month.

The Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis

A story about a rare-book dealer, Ashlynn, who can feel the echoes of the books’ previous owners Ashlyn discovers a pair of unpublished books that seem to tell two sides of the same tragic romance, and she gets wrapped up in trying to determine the truth of what happened with the lovers.

The Echo of Old Books is $4.99 for Kindle and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Quantum Radio by A.G. Riddle

A CERN scientist discovers a pattern in the output coming from the particle accelerator. He’s convinced it is an organized data stream, but isn’t sure if this is a signal from another universe, a message from the future, or something else. As he studies this message, he finds someone else is determined to prevent him from unraveling its meaning.

Quantum Radio is available for Kindle for $6.15 and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Books are available through general book searches on Amazon’s site, but if you want to take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited subscription plan, you can follow the link to see the plan offerings.

A new program Amazon is offering (currently in Beta) allows book purchases (print or Kindle) to earn Kindle points, which accumulate and can be used toward the purchase of Kindle books.

Also, if you take advantage of Amazon Primer delivery day – where delivery is pushed to a set weekday, rather than the two or three days it normally takes with Prime shipping, you can also earn credits that can be applied to digital purchases, which include Kindle books.

Click here for Kindle Unlimited Plan information.

*Post contains Amazon Affiliate links.

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