Habit Stacking – Planning and Implementing

A while back, I wrote about Habit Stacking, and how it can be used to make more efficient use of our time, get more done throughout our day, and also incorporate new habits into our daily routines.

At the time I wrote about this, I spent a little time planning out anchored habits, unstacked habits, and how I could organize my habits more efficiently.

I recently revisited my habit stack planning, to see where I could revise and update things, and also make changes as life’s seasons are changing.

I sat down and brainstormed habits – those that are/can be anchor habits, as well as those I already do but want to tie to an anchor habit. I also considered my habits for different parts of the day. I split my planning into weekday morning and weekday afternoon/evenings.

I’ve included my Habit Stacking Worksheet on the Downloads page, or you can follow this link.

As you can see, I list out my anchor habits (highlighted yellow), and then each anchor habit gets its own block. I list out as many unattached habits as I can think of (highlighted green), and then assign those to the various anchor habits. One thing to note – as I do this exercise, without fail I will come up with habits that I already have attached to a particular anchor habit that I don’t consider unattached. I include these in my individual anchor habit blocks.

This is a great exercise to evaluate your habits and how you spend your time throughout the day. It’s worth the effort to consider how we spend our time!

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