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In Common – September 26, 2020

I keep telling myself I’m going to take a book-buying fast, but there are just so many good books out there! I do think I should declare some sort of moratorium on book buying, and take some time to work through my TBR stack.… Continue Reading “In Common – September 26, 2020”

In Common – December 1st, 2019

This weekend I finished reading How to Speak, How to Listen by Mortimer Adler. As a follow-up to How to Read a Book, this book didn’t disappoint. It focused on speaking and listening and the various types of exchanges involving the two – exchanges… Continue Reading “In Common – December 1st, 2019”

In Common – June 8th 2019

June is here already! I think I am making good progress with my 2019 reading goals, though maybe not with my actual reading plan. I keep adding new books to my original 2019 reading list and reshuffling my TBR shelf.  For my slow reads,… Continue Reading “In Common – June 8th 2019”

In Common – February 9th 2019

I’ve got a great mix of books going on this month, and I love the cross-talk going on. This month I am reading through a new release by Jemar Tisby, The Color of Compromise. It’s a great read, digging into the history of Africans… Continue Reading “In Common – February 9th 2019”

In Common – January 4th 2019

  New year – new reading goals! Last year my goal was 52 books and I finished the year strong with 67 books read. I’m going to push myself a little more and try to get through my official Goodreads Challenge goal for 60… Continue Reading “In Common – January 4th 2019”