Audiobook Posts

  • In Common – September 2022
    I struggle with General Anxiety Disorder, and this year has been particularly stressful for many reasons. Unfortunately one of the ways my anxiety manifests is an inability to focus – not just on things like tasks or important information I need to remember, but also on reading. For months, starting as far back as the […]
  • Review: Rain Reign
    We get a lot of mileage out of our Audible membership. The kids listen to books daily, my husband has his favorites, and I’ve got my audible TBR stack that’s only a little more under control than my printed book pile. I love all the member features offered by Audible – they now offer a […]
  • Reading With Your Ears – March 2020
    On any given day, our family has several audio books going. Our Audible membership has definitely been a great investment for our family. Here is what our family is listening to this month. This is my oldest’s current read. She also has the book, but wanted to be able to listen as well. I have […]