Mid-year Evaluation

We just wrapped up our first week back to school. It was great getting back into our routine! We took an extended break from our studies at the start of the holidays in November. We kept up with our Science and History lessons for our weekly co-op, but for our other subjects I let Kyri decide what and how much she wanted to do. The lighter schedule did us all a world of good – we school year round so these breaks really let us recharge. But around Christmas, I was really getting anxious to get back on track.


We’ve got a couple changes to our routine as we head into the second part of the school year.


It was decided, after some extensive discussion regarding the rigorousness of Story of the World Volume 3, to drop History from our co-op. Several of our members were struggling to keep up with the reading and found the material a little dense for this age group (our kids range from 5-9). Our family will be continuing with reading SOTW and some of the suggested reading, as well as mapwork and narration. I will not be doing  any of the activities at home – I decided that for us, crafts were less impactive for our history lessons. I am looking forward to our co-op focusing just on Science – there will be more time to go in depth with the subject matter each week.


Until now, we have used Kumon workbooks for our Math curriculum. We work through several books each year, covering Addition, Subtraction, Word Problems and Geometry and Measurement (the catch-all subject, in my opinion). Kyri loves her Kumon workbooks, but I wanted to start using a curriculum that has a “lesson” aspect, rather than just problems. After extensive research, I decided to go with Saxon 5/4. Each lesson starts with a Warm Up, and includes a Math Facts drill quiz (which she loves) and some mental math. Then there is a short lesson that builds on previous lessons and includes example problems and a few sample problems to work. Finally there is the Practice Set, which is 20 – 30 problems, which cover material from previous lessons as well as new material. This is now our core Math Curriculum and we are covering one lesson a week. Kyri works on her Kumon workbooks as enrichment during the week as she sees fit.


We normally stay on course for the school year, so this is the first time we’ve really changed things up mid-year. Anyone else making big changes to their school plans for the remainder of the year?

2 Comments on “Mid-year Evaluation

    • thanks! I was a little worried about starting her on the Saxon 5/4 so soon, since it is geared toward 4th grade, but I figured we would work our way through it over the next year and a half. She already has been exposed to a lot of of material, so I hope she can handle the work load.


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