Do It Yourself!

Recently I started organizing (along with a friend and fellow homeschooler) a maker club here in San Antonio. There has been an interest in our homeschool circle for a scouting-type of program where our kids could work on STEM-themed projects, both on their own as well as in a group setting.

It took a little while to figure out what was going to work best for our group, but we have been really pleased with

This is a great website and I definitely recommend it! Don’t get your hopes up too high, though, parents. This site is only for kids and teens. Maybe someday there will be an adult version but for now, it’s just for young people. 🙂

This is a free website. There are a host of skills to choose from, and each skill has several challenges to choose from. Your child can submit video or snapshots of them completing challenges. When three challenges have been submitted and approved for a skill, that skill patch is earned. The Master Skill rank is earned for a particular skill when three more challenges are completed.

When a skill patch is earned, the patch shows up on your child’s Skills profile on the DIY website. Additionally, this skill patch shows up as “earned” in the online store, and you can order an actual patch that can be sewn on, well, whatever it is you want to sew it on. Kyri has told me she wants a vest for her patches so that is what we will probably get for her. But really, it is whatever you want to do.

There are a ton of skills to choose from, and more being added all the time. The challenges range from “newb” to “pro” so there is a wide range of projects your child can choose from. And the challenges themselves are open enough to where  your child isn’t sitting down following a boring set of instructions. They can explore videos online to figure out how they want to complete a particular challenge.

This program is working great. There are plenty of skill challenges that Kyri can work on at home on her own. And each month we get together with our DIY Club to work on a skill challenge as a group. We take videos and pictures of the projects our children are working on, and our kids earn skill patches for their hard work.

This is a great resource. You don’t have to be part of a group to participate, but it certainly is fun to get together with friends to work on projects together!

Dissecting an owl pellet for her Biology Skill
Finishing up her rain gauge for Meteorologist Skill






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    • me too. Kyri is really enjoying the skill challenges and loves watching skill videos on the website and the DIY app.


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