Our Homeschool Schedule

We’re in week 2 of our Fall school schedule and I wanted to share what a typical day and week look for us. One of the benefits of homeschooling is finding a routine that works for your family. After some fine-tuning this past year (and our toddler deciding on a regular nap schedule) we have found a schedule that is working.



Co-op Day

One day a week we meet with our Science and History co-op. We typically spend a couple of hours with our group, and then share lunch and playtime at a park. I do not schedule anything intensive for before or after co-op. I have only scheduled Logic, Computers and Spanish on co-op days, since these are topics that can be done casually and with some self-direction.

Event Day

One day a week we schedule events – library, park, you name it. We have a ton of homeschooling opportunities here in San Antonio, and so one thing that I have had to do is make the decision to limit our outings during the week. I am trying to keep outings contained to one day a week to keep me from turning into a bus driver. If I can keep that to one day a week, I’m happy. The only book work I schedule for our events day are Math Journal, Handwriting and Spanish practice. These are items that are easily done at the table during breakfast or dinner prep with some distractions.

Work Days

The remaining three days are our work days.

Keeping in mind I have two littles to keep up with, I schedule our school day into two blocks. Each block runs from 2 to 3 hours, depending on how efficient we work and what our attitudes are like that day.

Each day during our Morning Block, we work on Math and Language Arts. One day a week we study Art and Music Appreciation, Civics, and Health and Natural Wellness. One or two days a week we also work on our Bible reading and verse memorization for AWANA.

These are topics that we can do with some interruptions and starting and stopping. I don’t have us scheduled for specific times (for example Math from 9:30 – 10:00). I find it works better for us to just have the material we are working on in the block of time, and it can get done in any order. I do try to direct her to do Math and Language Arts first, but ultimately I leave the order up to Kyri.

Our Afternoon Block starts around 2 pm, after I put babies down for naps. I purposely scheduled those subjects that need more attention and less interuptions for our afternoon block. I have a 2-3 hour block of time on our calendar, but like our morning block, it can run shorter or longer depending on our efficiency and attitude. Each day during our afternoon block, we work on Hebrew and our Five in a Row reading and lapbook activities. We also do our Science and History reading and narration (one or two days per subject, depending on need) during our afternoon block to prepare for the upcoming week’s co-op.

As you can see, I have a lot of free time on our schedule. Having a determined block of free time on the schedule serves as incentive for Kyri. She knows that if we don’t work efficiently or are having attitude issues, our school work runs into free time. She also knows that if we can get our work done in a timely manner, free time starts early.

This is what works for us, and I know every homeschool family is unique. What works for you?





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