Summer Reading at San Antonio Public Library

It’s that time of year again! Time for the Summer Reading program with the San Antonio Public Library.

Children participating in the Summer Reading Program sign and track their reading progress online. After reading 8 books over the summer, children can print their book log and turn in at one of the library branches in order to receive a certificate and a paperback book.

In addition to the reading program, branches have special events scheduled through the months of June and July. Special Kid’s Time, Story Time, and Family Fun Time are scheduled during these months. Schedules vary by branch so check the San Antonio Public Library  website for event dates, times and locations. Please note, while the events at most of the branches have open attendance, there are some branches (Central and Igo, for example) that require you to pick up a free ticket at the beginning of the week for several of their events, due to the high volume of patrons expected. Tickets are first come, first served and ensure a safe number of attendees at the events.

There are even special guests coming to the library! Spikey Mikey the Magician and Dinosaur George  are two of the special guests scheduled for this summer, and we are very excited!

San Antonio Public Library already has a great children’s program with all sorts of activities throughout the year. They ramp it up even further during the summer with the Summer Reading Program. We love participating and really value the library and all they have to offer. If this is your first summer here, I would definitely encourage you to get involved.




2 Comments on “Summer Reading at San Antonio Public Library

  1. Great post! Love how there are so many locations and such great programs


    • thanks! We attended our first event today and it was awesome. the librarians and staff really put a lot of effort and attention into the children’s programs.


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