Another school year done

It is hard to believe but we are finishing up our second year as homeschoolers!

This week we got together with several other homeschoolers for an End of the Year party and Field Day. There were snacks, Field Day games, and awards presented to the children.

Even though we school year round, I really like the idea having this “end of the year” celebration. We do follow the traditional school year to an extent – our Science and History co-op follows the school calendar and so there are some things coming to an end during this time.

We also use the end of the traditional school year as a time to recognize achievement and transition to the next grade. For us there is also a blurry line between grades – we work at whatever level Kyri is at. But to keep things somewhat neat and tidy, we claim a grade level based, on average, on where she is at academically.This also acts as a motivator for her and gives her a sense of accomplishment. Knowing she is finishing up the first grade and becoming a second grader is very exciting for her!

This year, I prepared several awards to recognize her hard work and interests. First, I prepared a Certificate of Completion – recognizing that she has finished another school year and is entering the second grade. Next, I presented her with awards for both her Reading and Math skills. She continues to amaze me with her love of reading, and the enjoyment she gets from working on math. I want to encourage this is as much as possible, and let her know how proud I am of her hard work. Finally, I presented her with an award that recognized a passion of hers – her love of bugs.

Kyri is lucky to not have critical people in her life that would discourage her interest in insects. She loves collecting and studying them, and is quite comfortable handling them. I certainly want to encourage her curiosity and fearlessness, and so I presented her with a Young Entomologist Award.

Kyri was quite proud of her awards, and her Field Day particiption ribbon. She is motivated to finish the last two weeks of school, and then move into her Second Grade year starting this summer.

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