Birds, Birds, Birds

I’ve mentioned previously that we participate in a small co-op for our Science and History studies. For Science we are using R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey (RSO) Life Biology Level 1. We really love the layout of the curriculum and have been really impressed with the lessons over the course of the school year. We are currently studying Animals, and for the past couple of weeks we have been learning about Birds. The co-op decided to do two field trips to the San Antonio Zoo as part of our study of animals(for Birds and Mammals).

The first visit was this past week, and we spent a couple of hours exploring the different bird exhibits and getting a feel for the different habitats where the birds originate, as well as the differences in body features specific to their habitat and eating habits. As we explored, we noted the birds we saw, listing them

Zoos fall in a gray area for me as a vegan, and I struggled with my decision to attend. We made the decision at the beginning of the year not to attend the Sea World Homeschool Day because of their use of animals for entertainment, and I haven’t been to a zoo personally since probably middle school. I think I finally came to terms with going to the zoo because of the educational benefit it provided, and while there is an entertainment aspect to the zoo, zoos also have scientific merit. The same could be said for Sea World, too, I suppose, but at least the zoo doesn’t have a roller coaster and train the animals to do tricks. Sigh. Like I said, it wasn’t an easy decision and I am still not entirely comfortable with it, but Kyri really enjoyed seeing all the birds and learned a lot with our visit. We will go back for our second field trip in a few weeks when we cover Mammals.

zoo3 zoo4 zoo5 zoo6 zoo7 zoo8 zoo9 zoo10 zoo11 zoo12 zoo13 zoo14 zoo1 zoo2 zoo21 zoo15 zoo16 zoo17 zoo18 zoo19 zoo20

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