McKenna Children’s Museum

We had a wonderful visit to McKenna Children’s Museum last week. This was our first time visiting – it is in New Braunfels (TX) so it is about an hour’s drive for us. But Kyri and Ender both had such an awesome time!  The hospital – which had a nursery and an ambulance – was definitely one their favorites. The few hours we spent there definitely were not enough to thoroughly explore all the museum has to offer, so we will be returning soon!

mckenna3 mckenna2 mckenna1 mckenna10 mckenna10 (2) mckenna9 mckenna8 mckenna7 mckenna6 mckenna5 mckenna4

2 Comments on “McKenna Children’s Museum

  1. I’ve heard good things about the McKenna Children’s Museum, too. It would probably be about 45 minutes from where we live, so we haven’t gone yet. This gives me new motivation. Great pictures!


    • thanks! its worth the drive, IMO. this was our first time, and the grocery store exhibit wasn’t open yet, so I think we will be making another trip sometime soon. they also have a play area outside that we didn’t get to explore.


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