If you ask Kyri, her two favorite colors are pink and purple. I struggle to get her to wear clothes that deviate from these two standards, and she is constantly separating boxes of crayons based on the pink and purple standard.

During our library visit last week, I was picking out the a book we have used for our Harmony Fine Arts art and music study, and on a whim I grabbed a nearby art book that I thought she would be interested in reading.

A Book About Color is a book on basic color theory for young people. It introduces the colors as houses on Color Street. It goes into primary and secondary colors, what different colors “mean”, such as red representing angry or danger, or blue representing water or calm. The book also goes into warm and cool colors, complementary color pairs, analogous colors, saturation, and the color wheel.

This isn’t a complicated book. Its very colorful and keeps the writing simple. You can check the book at Amazon by “taking a look inside”  to see the vibrant colors and simple explanations.

While I had hoped Kyri would enjoy flipping through it, I wasn’t expecting how much she would like it. She has been reading it over and over since we got it, and she has even been reading it to her brother Ender.

After reading this (the first time) she commented how much she really liked the color green. This is a major breakthrough! I think she has gotten a better appreciation for the other colors as a result of reading this book. We have added it to our wish list to put on our bookshelf.



3 Comments on “Color

    • Green is natural. Green is lucky. I know green is associated with other things as well, but these are the two mentioned in the book.


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