Back to School

It feels great to be back to our school routine! This is our first week back since taking some time off for the holidays and Julian’s birth. While we have done a little school work as the mood strikes these past couple of weeks, this is our first week back to a “sit down and follow our lesson plan” school schedule. We had co-op yesterday so no bookwork was scheduled. Today we tackled Math and Language Arts and started our Five in a Row book and lesson. I’ll recap our week this weekend over at Kyriandra’s Big Day with our Week End 10.

I wanted to mention a couple things we are doing that are new to our lessons. First, we have started our Math Journal. I had read about them on various blogs, and I thought Kyri might enjoy it, so we started the end of the last week. It has been a major hit! Kyri has done several pages at a time and is really enjoying herself. She frequently asks me to let her do another page. This is proving to be a great tool for reviewing and reinforcing some of the math skills we covered earlier this year, but that she hasn’t seen recently. I’ll go into a lot more details, along with links to some resources we are using, in a separate post.

We have also started using a Handwriting workbook – Print Writing: A Creepy-Crawly Alphabet.
Previously I have been using lined paper and poetry to cover both recitation and copywork, but I didn’t feel like she was getting enough handwriting practice. I happened to see a wonderful handwriting workbook while at the bookstore recently and it has really grabbed her attention. It covers uppercase and lowecase letters, words starting with both uppercase and lowercase letters, and complete sentences. The words and sentences are all about different creatures – butterflies, alligators, things like that. She is highly motivated now to work on her handwriting. It also helps that I promised to start teaching her to write in cursive once she had improved her print skills.

So anyway, our first week back is starting off well. Scheduling is proving to be a little tricky as we try to juggle both Julian’s as well as Ender’s schedule along with our lessons – we didn’t manage to get school work started today until noon. But I think we will find our groove soon enough. I’m really looking forward to the second half of the school year. Lots of fun things planned!


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