Summer School


We have just finished our first week back to school for the summer. I have planned for 8 weeks before taking a short break, and then we will be back for our Fall/Spring schedule. We have started back with a positive attitude – I think the break did us both good. Kyri has been in a great mood about lessons, and eager to do both her Math and Language Arts

1. Math – This is a continuation of what we have been covering. I posted in detail about our Math curriculum for this school year over at Kyriandra’s Big Day if you want to read more.

I decided to start the summer in the new Grade 1 Flash Kids Workbook. It started off with basic topics – counting, skip counting, greater than/less than, and place value. Because Kyri had gotten burned out on her Math this Spring, I figured it would do her good to go back a few steps, review and regain her confidence on easier material. This approach has really been working – she has been enthusiastic and wanting to work ahead

We will be continue to work through our Kumon Addition and Subtraction workbooks, as well as our Flash Kids Time and Money, and Place Value workbooks. I will wait a week or two until we work up to these topics again in our new Grade 1 workbook.

We started using Aha Math , an online math site, at the end of Spring and Kyri has really enjoyed it! It goes a litte more in depth (as well as higher in grade level) than Starfall Math, so she will be using both online resources for supplemental Math activities.

2. Language Arts – Like Math, this is just a contination of what we have been doing. We are working on Phonics, Spelling, and handwriting. We will work to finish our Spectrum Phonics Grade 1 and Harcourt Spelling Grade 1 workbooks, continue with copywork and journaling, and  read, read, read! Kyri also loves to write her own stories. While I never correct her spelling in her stories, she does ask me how to spell words while she is writing, so this has been really good for reinforcing her spelling skills. I continue to encourage her to write slowly and clearly enough so that others will be able to read and enjoy her stories.

3. Five in a Row – We have really enjoyed this curriculum. While we do not use it to the full extent that other homeschoolers do (and who are using it as their core curriculum) I think its a wonderful resource and we will be continuing. We have two more books to read for Volume 1. We wil continue on to Volume 2 as part of our Fall school schedule.

4. Unit Studies – We are using our Intellego Unit Studies this summer. I discussed previously how the online approach was not working so well for us when we started these unit studies this past fall. But I really want to cover the topics. So we are following the topics in each unit study, and reading books each week. Three unit studies seems to make for a full summer schedule (at least an 8 week session) so we are focusing more on reading and being exposed to the material rather than going too in depth each week with computer activities and crafts. Kyri is really in a reading phase right now, so this is really working out best for her. I may recycle these throughout the year to go more in depth – I haven’t decided yet.

Civics:Symbols – (Intellego Civics:Symbols K-2 Unit Study) We are reading about the American flag, patriotic music, national monuments and important documents.

Geography – (Intellego Geography: Maps K-2 Unit Study) We are learning about different types of maps and the information they provide, cardinal directions and the compass rose, hemispheres, the poles, the continents and oceans.

Astronomy – (Intellego Astronomy K-2 Unit Study) We are learning about our Solar System, the Milky Way and other types of galaxies, our Sun, our Moon, and the planets. We will also be reading about comets, asteroids, and meteors.

5. Spanish – We will be starting something more formal in the Fall but I wanted to spend the summer review Kyri’s numbers and colors (she learned a few things in her preschool two years ago), and also start learning basic vocab. We will also learn a few basic phrases. This should get her confident for starting more in depth language studies in the fall.

6. Bible Study – I wanted to start working through a weekly children’s devotional with Kyri. Each week introduces a Bible story and Bible verse and prompts for discussions. There are optional activities that we may or may not do. I mainly want to introduce more Bible stories and Character studies. We will be working on Character and Virtues this fall, so I though this would be a good place to start.

7. Nature Studies – I really want us to spend a little time each week outside, with Kyri taking the lead in terms of what we explore. Its already pretty brutal even the mornings around here, though, so this may be very limited. We may have to wait for Fall to really enjoy any nature walks.

I am pretty excited for our Summer. We have lots of fun things planned – field trips with our Growing Up Wild co-op, field trips to local museums, and just plenty of good times with friends. Our school schedule is intensive enough to keep us learning over the summer but light enough to leave plenty of time for playing. I’ll be keeping up with our weekly progress with our Week End 10 posts at Kyriandra’s Big Day if you want to keep up with our summer studies.


2 Comments on “Summer School

  1. When I read your preparation and the details, I can’t help but wonder if you could start your own small group homeschool with a few other kids joining in. I know it would change the dynamic, and I don’t know how many kids there are with parents that want to homeschool them but don’t have the ability. I think you have a very well-rounded approach.


    • thanks. this is why I like being involved in a small co-op. I love the dynamics of having a small group of kids, but I like sharing the workload with other moms.


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