End of Year Awards and Homeschool Party

Last week we finished up the traditional school year with an end of year party with our local homeschool group. Parents had the opportunity to recognize their children and give awards for academic achievements.

Even though we will be schooling over the summer, I like the idea of having an “end of year” recognition, as well as taking a short break before starting our summer school. I hadn’t really thought of when our next school year would “officially begin” since we are schooling year round, but Kyri seemed excited when I told her that she was officially done Kindergarten and was now a first grader.

We are officially on our three week break starting today. And it is definitely needed! We will be having our end of year party for our co-op this week, which will be loads of fun! Time to recharge before jumping into our summer schedule.

I’ve got most of our summer planned out and will post about what we are studying. I need this time off to plan out the details and start requesting library books.

Here is Kyri and I after she got her awards. I presented her with her Kindergarten Diploma, and awards in Math and Reading. Even though we have struggled to figure out a teaching style in Math that she doesn’t get frustrated with, she gets the material. And I wanted her to have her progress recognized. For her Reading award, I recognized her developing into an Independent Reader. She has progressed so rapidly with her reading, it still amazes me to hear her read aloud. I’m very proud of all her accomplishments this year and look forward to continuing!

And in case you are curious, I decided on a name for our homeschool. I know lots of homeschoolers choose a name, and they can range from the simple (using just their name like Such-and-such Homeschool) to very complicated. I decided on Ad Astra Academy – it sounds ambitious and reflects where I visualize our schooling taking us.

4 Comments on “End of Year Awards and Homeschool Party

    • Thanks! She was so cute when I told recently that now that she was finished kindergarten, she was officially in first grade. She said, “because I’m so smart?” That’s right! What a clever girl! Then she told me how she couldn’t wait to be in second grade. She’s got goals.


  1. These are so great. I know it was posted a couple of years ago, but I was wondering where you got the certificates and diplomas. I am planning the end of our homeschool year and love the look of these! Thanks so much.


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