Grandmother’s Famous Vegan Cranberry Bread

We just finished reading Cranberry Thanksgiving by Wende and Harry Devlin for our Five in a Row curriculum. Kyri LOVED this book! This book was about a woman who is well known for her Cranberry Bread, and has turned down multiple offers to sell it to local bakeries. She guards the recipe carefully and suspects Mr. Whiskers of trying to steal the recipe for himself. The book has a lesson in judging others based on outward appearances. This book includes a recipe for Grandmother’s Famous Cranberry Bread, which I modified slightly to be vegan. Since we finished rowing this book last week, yesterday we prepared our own version, which I have called Grandmother’s Famous VEGAN Cranberry Bread. The recipe has a bake time of 1 hour 10 minutes, but honestly I ended up giving the bread almost a full additional hour – I used 3 cups frozen cranberries, and I baked in a stoneware bread pan so this may have contributed to the longer bake time. It was also a VERY moist cake – it almost looked as though it wasn’t cooked all the way through after two hours, but it was just SO moist. Its a sweet bread with a tanginess from the cranberries – YUM! Next time I prepare the bread (and I will soon, because it was just so delicious!) I will thaw my cranberries first (I just forgot this time around) and I may also try the half raisin/half cranberry variation.

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